D’OTTO was born sustainable and refillable. D’OTTO champions sustainability wherever possible – we believe that nothing can be beautiful if it harms nature.

With this as our guiding principle, we have created our brand and products with an eco friendly mindset, committing ourself to respectful luxury. A D’OTTO perfume can be refilled for life, in a considered and conscious service provided by our in store beauty advisors.

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Our commitment to sustainability is carried through our packaging and operations, certified by international standards institution TUV.

D’OTTO fragrances are housed in an infinitely refillable glass bottle, decorated with non-polluting materials. The paper and card for D’OTTO packaging is sustainably produced from FSC certified sources. The inner tray is recyclable and biodegradable, contained within a reusable box.


Refill your D’OTTO bottle with your favourite D’OTTO fragrance for life.

To refill your bottle from our fragrance fountains, visit Selfridges London Oxford Street. Our beauty advisors are trained to refill your D’OTTO fragrance in a careful and considered ceremony. By refilling your bottle, you will also be supporting one of Selfridges environmental charities through Project Earth.

Our in-store brand ambassadors will refill your bottle with considered and conscious service.