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Embrace Elizabeth Bennet's sharp intellect and captivating spirit with 2x4 extrait de parfum.

The delicate lily of the valley merges with Damask Rose mirroring Elizabeth's sharp wit and blossoming intelligence. A hint of playful intrigue whispers through Japanese wisteria and Indian jasmine, hinting at her hidden depths and independent spirit.

As the fragrance unfolds, cashmere wraps around the exoticism of Thai orchid and Mexican tuberose, while warm woody notes of Romagna birch, Italian freesia, and oakmoss provide a grounding foundation. Indian red patchouli and Indonesian teak add a final touch of captivating intrigue.

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Embrace Elizabeth Bennet's sharp intellect and captivating spirit with delicate florals, cashmere and orchid. - says the perfumer

Lily of the Valley, Damask Rose, Japanese Wisteria and Indian Jasmine

Water Lily, Ambergris, Cashmere, Thai Orchid and Mexican Tuberose

White Musk, Italian Freesia, Romagna Birch, Indian Red Patchouli & Indonesian Teak


Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

Wearing 2x4 will take you on a journey towards infinite happiness.

The combination of ingredients makes the trail left by this fragrance enveloping and sensual, alluding to the intensity of the feelings that develop between the main characters of the novel, Elizabeth and Darcy. The complexity and notes of this fragrance come together and gradually reveal themselves, just like the mutual feelings of the two characters.

A voyage of passion and self-discovery awaits, as this fragrance weaves an enveloping, sensual trail that captivates your senses.