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Immediately sunny and bright with an opening rush of almond, coconut, 3+5 is gourmand and vivid ; apricot and plum bring delight and colour to the top of the fragrance, where pimento acts as a counterpoint.

Saturated and expansive in the heart, white floral notes of Sambac jasmine and Mexican tuberose enrapture and seduce the soul. The gourmand sensation extends throughout the fragrance, with sweet Madagascar vanilla and creamy Indian sandalwood providing longevity and structure.

Expressing a sense of intense joy, 3+5 is a luminous floral fragrance.

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“The sparkling joy of celebration on a sunny Sunday deep in the springtime of the soul.” - says the perfumer

Coconut, Pimento, Apricot, Almond, Plum

Musk Rose, Lily of the Valley, Sambac Jasmine, Mexican Tuberose

Indian Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla Flower, Italian Oak Moss, Musk, Ambergris


Red Balloon – Paul Klee

Playful and exuberant, Red Balloon is an avant-garde creation with a masterful use of colour. Klee’s work evades categorisation – with an idiosyncratic style and constantly shifting aesthetic, inspiring the perfumer to create the joyous 3+5. The vibrant colourful nature of the piece is exemplified by the perfumer in the use of vivid and intense accords.