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Opening with a uniquely fresh honey note, sublimated with Virginia tobacco and overdose of Florence iris, 5+3 is airy and bright.

The scent possesses a surprising depth and shifting olfactive character that expresses the ever-changing emotions experienced when studying Mondrian’s masterpiece. 5+3’s heart is full of delicate floralcy from tuberose, magnolia and rose – representing the nature that inspired the artist.

A structural backdrop of powdery tonka and deep, dark vanilla and birchwood create the depth and form of the fragrance. Expressing stylistic purity and simple complexity, 5+3 is a captivating floral amber.

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“The essence of the most refined stylistic purity, based on the counterpoint of simple complexity.” - says the perfumer

Virginia Tobacco, Tuscan Honey, Florence White Iris, Orris, Sandalwood

Frankincense, Bulgarian Rose, Magnolia, Ylang Ylang, Tuberose, Red Patchouli

Birchwood, Agarwood, Ambergris, Musk, Vanilla Bean, Tonka Bean


Composition II in Red, Yellow and Blue – Piet Mondrian

At first look simplistic, Composition II in Red, Yellow and Blue is minimalist in appearance, yet invites you to imagine expanses of colour beyond the canvas itself. A favourite artwork of our perfumer, who created 5+3 as an exercise in intriguing simplicity – at once curious and abstract, polarising and unifying.